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Introduction to the Travel Trust Association

Introduction to the Travel Trust Association

Introduction to the Travel Trust Association

Whether you choose to admit it or not, one thing that is constant with humanity is the fear of failure. A vast majority of people settle for something less because they get comfortable, yet always wonder ‘what if’.

Other people take life as it is; a short time on this beautiful planet of ours, and they reach outside of their comfort zone in search of success. The problem with success is, it can take a lot of failures to finally see the hard work paying off. Influencers and entrepreneurs worldwide will agree with the famous strapline ‘fail to prepare, then prepare to fail’.

The travel industry is one of those where it can take a few goes to get it right. As a start-up company, it can be daunting to begin with, making sure you have everything in place to offer your customer nothing short of exceptional service when trusting you with their money and, perhaps more importantly, their holiday; the time of year where they want zero stress and the assurance that they will be taken care of from start to finish, no matter what.

Ensuring you have the right protection, compliance and backing is vital. Within the Travel Network Group, we offer all of this and more, with our Travel Trust Association (TTA) membership. Not only do we offer 100% customer financial protection, we offer a huge amount more; think of the TTA as a comprehensive membership package, which gets you up and running in the travel industry.

The TTA offers access to over 200 market leading suppliers and business partners, which all of our 900 plus members gain access to. From UK cottages to Sri Lankan safaris, our supplier access provides a new business with essential contacts to be able to offer the perfect package.

That said, if you’re already certain on who you want to work with, then you are welcome to do this with the TTA, allowing you to offer a truly personal, fully bespoke package to your clients.

What’s more, we offer you ATOL solutions. In my experience, it seems that booking flights puts a lot of smaller businesses off due to concerns around not being able to offer their clients the right protection. With the TTA, you’ve got three solutions. You can use our ATOL in two different ways or you can apply for your own ‘franchise’ ATOL (called a T-ATOL) without the need for a hefty bond to be placed. Incredible, right?! We’re here to support new businesses as much as we’re here to develop and grow existing business.

On top of this, we’ll arrange all of the insurances you need to get started, so you can say to your clients that, should anything ever go wrong, they’re fully covered. Even better, so are you in the event of any legal issues.

Still not convinced that a membership organisation is the best way to enter the travel industry? We’ll give you booking systems that allow you to dynamically package holidays for your clients with ease. We’ve got some great systems at the TTA and you can offer land and cruise based packages with our user friendly systems; Honeycomb and The Cruise Club. We're also in the process of launching our own Cruise Tour Operator too, stay tuned for more on that!

Now we’re getting to the good parts (although what’s not to like about everything above already); An in-house marketing team on hand to cater to your requests, incredible amounts of training, workshops, business partner forums and conferences. You may have seen that our overseas conference this year is being held at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo, which will be an incredible opportunity to network in style. Here's the announcement video, maybe I'll see you there:

There are too many benefits to membership with the Travel Trust Association to write here, but hopefully the information provided is useful for now. As the Group Recruitment Manager for the business, I’m here to guide new and existing companies through the application process, provide consultation on getting started in the travel industry and offer all-round general support whenever it’s needed. We’re proud members of the Institute of Customer Service too (currently sitting in the 'World Class' service bracket), so you can be rest assured that you’ll receive the service from both myself and the Travel Network Group that you deserve.

We’ve done research too, and we’re confident that for what we offer, our prices are hard to beat. Whether you’re a new or existing travel business, if you want to have a chat about the TTA, you can email me: or give me a call: 0800 680 0707. 

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Introduction to the Travel Trust Association

Ian Sutton - Group Recruitment Manager

As part of the Travel Network Group's Recruitment Team, I deal with all new enquiries for TTA, Worldchoice, Worldchoice Plus and ITE, sharing information about the benefits of each membership option and supporting potential new members through the application process