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Risk Management

Risk Management

Protecting you from business risk

Travel is an incredibly rewarding yet notoriously high-risk industry to work in. But you’re not alone. We work closely with authorities dedicated to the prevention of fraud and cyber-crime, and are constantly developing new ways to protect your business from risk. 

What does the Risk Team offer you?

Industry Changes

Industry Changes

Stay on top of industry changes, legislation and requirements with our specialist advice

Cyber Security


Protect your business from cyber attacks with access to specialist software, tools and processes

Fraud Protection


Reduce your business' risk of fraud with our advice on how to stay safe from charge-backs and credit card fraud

Membership Services Manager

Closing Your

Make the transition as smooth as possible with our help in succession planning and winding down processes



Advice on Industry Changes

If your travel business is looking for information on how to comply with GDPR requirements (General Data Protection Regulation), or guidance on how to counter terrorist incidents in tourism, our Risk Team can connect you to specialist advice. We are always on the look out for industry changes that can impact our members' travel businesses, and regularly hold conference calls, webinars and workshops that allow us to pass our advice and insights on to you. As a member of the Travel Network Group, you will always be ready no matter what the industry throws at us next.

Be prepared for changes in legislation



Cyber Security

As more and more business is conducted online, you can be reassured that we will constantly advise you on how to protect your business from cyber-attacks. Thanks to our expertise in cyber-security, we can offer you access to the software, tools and processes you need to keep your precious business and customer data secure.

Get cyber secure



Fraud Protection

The risk of fraud to your business can be dramatically reduced as a member of The Travel Network Group. We continually monitor the industry to stay on top of the latest ways that businesses can be at risk, and help advise you on how to stay safe from charge-backs, credit card fraud and internal fraud.

Find out how we protect you from fraud



Closing Your Business

Should you require assistance in closing or selling your travel business, we can help. The dedicated Risk team is experienced in succession planning, finalising passenger details and winding down processes to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

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