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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

After months of development, we are delighted to launch our brand new website!

With a fresh look and feel and simple navigation, we hope it will be a one-stop shop for you to find everything you need to start a travel business or make a success out of your existing travel business.

We wanted this website to be a place where you can hear real life success stories from our current members, where those of you who are brand new to the travel industry can feel confident to apply to join us, where our existing members can keep up to date with the industry news and travel business tips.

So what else can you expect from our new website?

The benefits of joining a travel consortium

Or, more specifically, the benefits of joining OUR travel consortium! Have a look at our Why Join Us? pages to learn more about the support available to our members. From access to financial protection and ATOL licences for your customers, partnerships with over 180 market-leading travel suppliers, and from personalised marketing for your travel business, to our very own dynamic packaging system, the Travel Network Group offers both brand new travel businesses and existing travel businesses looking to join a travel consortium some exceptional benefits you just won’t find anywhere else.

Real stories from real members

To find out what it’s really like to be a member of The Travel Network Group, hear from some of our existing members who tell it like it is! Over on our Testimonials page, you can read and listen to how membership with the Travel Network Group has benefited their travel businesses as well as the lives of their customers. Their stories of success give a real insight into the benefits of membership with us.

An overview of our different membership options

We understand that every travel business is different, and that’s why we don’t just have one membership option and model to suit everyone. So whether you’re starting a travel business from scratch, are looking for a homeworking option in the travel industry, or event if you own an existing travel business and understand the benefits of joining a travel consortium, we have a variety of membership options to suit your business:

  • Travel Trust Association – The TTA is a great option for those travel businesses whose priority is to guarantee 100% financial protection to their customers through a unique trust account model.
  • Worldchoice – Established in 1976, Worldchoice suits travel agencies who are looking to be part of one of the travel industry’s most trusted brands on the High Street.
  • Worldchoice Plus – This managed services option has been developed to answer our member’s need to concentrate on developing a successful travel agency while we take care of the administration and bonding requirements on your behalf.
  • Independent Travel Experts – ITE provides a homeworking option for travel professionals. It’s the perfect choice for those keen to get into travel or start a travel agency from home, or even those who already have an established homeworking business. This is easily one of the best travel jobs in the industry.

Information on how to join us as a member

Once you’re ready to apply to become a member, our Join Us pages are the place to be. Here, we share information about the joining process, answer your frequently answered questions about membership, give you access to our handy recruitment brochure and also an application form to start your journey. Regardless of which membership option you choose, applying to join our travel consortium will be a breeze.  

A guide on how to run a travel business

Our most popular pages have always been our step-by-step guide to running your own travel agency or tour operator. And it’s easy to see why! With our guide on how to start a travel business, we’re letting you in on our top secrets and industry knowledge that will give you the confidence to get started. Everything is covered here, from an introduction to the travel market, the travel regulations and legalities all travel businesses have to comply with, and how to effectively market your travel business.   

Find out more about us as a business

On our About Us pages, we share the history of the Travel Network Group, demonstrate the values we live by every day and introduce the people that make our business so special. You will also find this blog: the best place to keep updated on industry news and goings on, as well as insider information and tips on how to market your business. Do keep checking back!

What do you think?

We would love to hear your opinion and feedback on our brand new website. If you would like to share your views, feel free to leave us a comment on this post below or get in touch with us via the contact page. We can’t wait to meet you!

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