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The Support Available To You

We pride ourselves on the level of support we provide for our Homeworkers. There are multiple channels of support to make sure that all of our Homeworkers feel cared for and valued.

Teamtalk, our closed Facebook group, provides a forum for advice, support and shared learning with fellow Homeworkers and Head Office.

Every Homeworker is welcomed into a team led by the Business Development Manager. It is the Business Development Manager’s role to nurture the Homeworker by offering regular contact; cultivating their customer base and helping them find new customers. Each Business Development team will meet once a quarter at events hosted by Business Partners for continued professional development and a chance to socialise with your colleagues.

Within The Travel Network Group’s Head Office there are individuals dedicated to running the Sales, Operations and Administration functions for all the Independent Travel Experts team.

In addition to the Business Development team meetings you will also be invited to visit the Group’s Head Office for open days which provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Independent Travel Experts, The Travel Network Group and will give you a chance to meet the team.

The Travel Network Group host both UK and overseas conferences and local events which our Homeworkers are encouraged to attend.

Keen to know more?

To find out more about the support available to you as an Independent Travel Expert, get in touch with our recruitment team to have your questions answered. Give us a call on 0800 680 0707 / 01483 545783 or email

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