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Homeworking in the Travel Industry

Homeworking in the Travel Industry

Homeworking in the Travel Industry

A lot of people have said it at some point, myself included. "I wish I worked for myself" or "I'm fed up of earning money for somebody else's pocket". A lot of people also love to travel and have found themselves working within the industry in some form or another, so I thought an article may be worth posting on the topic of homeworking and how I may be able to help you achieve your goals.

Homeworking has seen a huge increase recently, with the allure of no commute, flexible hours and unlimited earning potential amongst just a few factors that are seeing a shift from office life. Within The Travel Network Group, the company I'm proud to work for, we offer the option of homeworking to anybody that has at least 2 years' experience within the travel industry. The Travel Network Group started Independent Travel Experts in 2011 and has seen some fantastic growth since then.

Independent Travel Experts offers the ability to earn generous commissions, gives access to payment facilities, a huge range of suppliers, both booking and back office systems and a HUGE amount of ongoing training. All we need from you is the passion to get your name out there, we'll do the rest.

My last role was based from home, so I have had experience of life behind your own desk in your own office. Granted, you need dedication and commitment to ensure you can make the switch between business and pleasure in your workplace, but the rewards can be immense, especially if you're looking for a more flexible career (if you need to work around family, for example).

Anyway, back to the present day and Independent Travel Experts. As part of The Travel Network Group, you get access to the relationships and rates of a large company, whilst retaining your own identity, independence and freedom (as well as your own client base and ability to control your earnings).

In terms of training, we love to keep our ITE's up to speed with the latest supplier and product information, offering regular networking events, webinars and Business Partner forums, as well as Summer and Christmas parties and overseas conferences (19-21 November 2017 will see us head to the stunning Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo, so you could be networking as an Independent Travel Expert in ultimate luxury)!

On top of training, systems, your own Business Development Manager and access to the industry's best suppliers, we take care of your marketing too. With absolute access to our in-house team, we'll ensure your customers receive the best in industry campaigns and personalised documents. In fact, there's over 80 different marketing solutions offered to one of our homeworkers, so something to suit everybody.

Of course, there are many other companies out there that offer a similar proposition, so it's critical to research to ensure you choose the right option to start your new career as a homeworking travel agent. One thing we feel makes us stand out; we make you feel welcome, like family, like you've belonged here all along, rather than a number on a spreadsheet.

Costs to become an Independent Travel Expert are market leading too, much like the benefits once you join. If you're interested and have 2 years travel experience (preferably from within the retail environment), a passion to succeed and the ability to stand out as an independent travel business, please do feel free to call 0800 680 0707 for an informal chat to find out more. Or, if you know somebody that may be interested, please do pass my details to them or share this article using the buttons below.

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Homeworking in the Travel Industry

Ian Sutton - Group Recruitment Manager

As part of the Travel Network Group's Recruitment Team, I deal with all new enquiries for TTA, Worldchoice, Worldchoice Plus and ITE, sharing information about the benefits of each membership option and supporting potential new members through the application process.