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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Who Are the Travel Trust Association?

The Travel Trust Association is a travel trade association. TTA Members consist of travel agents, tour operators and travel organisers. The Travel Trust Association exists in order to protect you, the customer, with 100% financial protection and has been doing so for over 20 years. This means that every penny you pay to a TTA Member is protected by the mechanisms described below.

How does the Travel Trust Association provide 100% financial protection for me?

There are two parts to the insolvency protection arrangements offered by the Travel Trust Association.

Firstly, all payments made to a TTA Member for travel services (whether for transport, accomodation, entertainment or other activities) are paid by that TTA Member into a specially designated Trust Account. In other words, when you pay ABC Travel Ltd, it will place all payments in the ABC Travel Ltd Trust Account.

Credit Card Payments are automatically deposited into the Trust Account via electronic processing.

A Trust Account is a bank account designated to hold customer money. Your money remains in the Trust Account, and is supervised by an appointed trustee who is either a banker, chartered or certified accountant or a solicitor. Both the TTA Member and the trustee are required to authorise payments from the trust account.

Once your payment is held in the Trust Account, it will only be released in limited circumstances. For instance, before the completion of your holiday, the money will only be released to pay for the services which you have booked, such as to pay the airline or the accomodation provider. Alternatively, the money can also be released on completion of your holiday or if you cancel your holiday.


These arrangements mean that, if the TTA Member fails, your suppliers will either already have been paid or the money will be available in the trust account to pay the suppliers of your holiday (so that the holiday can go ahead). Alternatively, if this is not possible then money in the trust account can be used to refund you.

Secondly, there is further protection against the risk of suppliers not being paid because of the fraud or dishonesty of a TTA Member or the trustee, up to a maximum of £11,000 per booking. So if you paid £2,000, which is not available in the Trust Account to pay suppliers due to the fraud or dishonesty of the TTA Member or the trustee, TTA guarantees the loss of £2,000.

When you make a booking, you will be supplied with a guarantee certificate which records who is protected by the guarantee. You can see the terms of our guarantee at


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